Sunday, October 6, 2013

OUT NOW : my new vegan pizza recipe fundraiser book !

I finally finished my new book Vegan Pizzas NEW Flavors For Todays Pizza.

It is a modest 61 page book with  pizza recipes and general guidelines how to make a tasty vegan pizza. Making a tasty vegan pizza is basically different from making a regular non veg pizza.
This book is from 4 years experience baking vegan pizzas in a vegan restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a fundraiser cooking book ; with the sales of this recipe book i aim to get enough funds to start a new vegan cafe in Thailand.
This first edition is in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle. If i get enough positive responses i will make an extended second edition in full color paperback.

Support the book and a new vegan cafe and buy the pizza book !
The ebook costs 6.99 us$, please paypal to and it will send to you in a few days.

Read more about the book and see some pages on

Thanks !


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