Saturday, July 16, 2011

closed, closed, CLOSED, c-l-o-s-e-d !

I didn't check it myself yet but i heard the following veggie restaurants closed their doors :

- Cafe 8. For all you vegs in the neighborhood, don't ya weep, just at the other side of the street is the veg restaurant Alaska, which is a very cool and hip place with exciting food.
- Der Akkord. Due to the timely and tragic death of the owner, this Legendary Bakery closed. R.I.P
- J's Kitchen.
- Miki Tenkai. Who hasn't picked up a take out veg lunchbox at Daykan Yama station in Tokyo from mr Miki Tenkai ? Well, rumors has, this buddhist monk killed somebody (very un-cool) and is now serving time in jail !
-Vege Canteen. Such A Shame ! We Miss You !
-Hono Cafe.
-Salon Cuttho in Okinawa also reportedly closed it's vegan doors.

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