Friday, June 24, 2011

A Change To Help

As anyone can imagine, just a mere four months after the devastating and massive disaster that whiped away whole towns, crippled local infrastructure, and even caused a nuclear disaster, many people in the affected areas, including children, still live in shelters and sometimes struggle to get by and are dependent on gifts from grassroots groups who visit and donate necesary goods and food.

Martin Frid, long time resident of Japan, ex-employee of Saitama's Alishan Cafe, blogger, eco activist, author of the Safety Ranking Book (the original title is in Japanese Nippon Shoku no Anzen Ranking) is such a grassroot activist who visited the north with 10 people and 4 vans loaded with goods for the smaller shelters.
Martin wrote me the following mail :

I just got back from Fukushima and Miyagi with 4 vans and 10 people, bringing emergency supplies (food, clothes, rubber boots, books, manga, toys) to small villages along the Miyagi coast, were the tsunami devastation still is amazing 3 months later. We are going to the small refugee shelters too that don't get much help. Please donate and contribute if possible. I made a video with a slideshow of photos:
If you feel the need to help, and rather prefer to donate to a grassroots group instead of a large org like the Red Cross, please contact mr Frid at martinfrid1(at)  how to make a donation (money or goods) and/or help
As for me, the sales of one box of Japan Vegan Restaurant Pocketguide will be donated to mr Frid and his group.

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