Saturday, January 29, 2011

Awsome New Veggie Taiwan Restaurant

Hello my veggie friends,

Tokyo sure has become an exciting hot spot for veggies the last years. New places just keep popping up, i mean, very good and profesional veggie places and the diversity is just awsome, like the new exciting raw food Rainbow Raw Food to the humble and small vegan noodle shop Asahi and recently a new Veggie Taiwan restaurant opened.
To quote a veggie resident who did eat there and informed me about this place : "The food was great! Also large menu, large portions, large restaurant, and low prices. I couldn't believe my luck!"
Got a free day ? Go veggie restaurant hopping, it might take you to never-visited areas of Tokyo while discovering a new veggie place, new veggie foods, and supporting the growing veggie scene in Tokyo.

With all these new awsome classy hot new Veggie Restaurants its a mystery why a group like the Tokyo Vegan Meetup still have most of their meetups in the non-veggie restaurant Pink Cow.
(Hey, somebody said "kickback" ? It wasn't me who said it...)

All you real veggies and food lovers go ASAP to the new Taiwan restaurant, it's hot, hot, hot, (and cheap prices) and i heard rumors it will be in an upcoming issue of Veggie Steady Go!
(Hey, it wasnt me who started the rumor...)

UPDATE 2013 : seems like the website is offline so the restaurant also might be closed. Check before you go !
Taiwa Soshoku Sanchou
open until 22.30
Kameido 6-32-1, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0071
nearest station: 4 mins walking from JR Kameido station

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